Jason's Pixel Portfolio


        My name is Jason Ames and I like to make games, music and more. I've worked with a few people on developing games but not professionally. I usually make the sprites for a few and I also take requests on making some simple animated sprite gifs. Sprites are my specialty, and I'm usually better at it then my programming skills! Though I do know my way around GML and Java. I can emulate certain styles, limitations and sizes in my work as I'm a avid fan of older video games like EarthBound and River City Ransom along with newer games like Cave Story and Merry Gear.

       My dream is to become a professional game designer. But before I get to that part, I need to get my name out there. So I hope you enjoy the art and if you need my assistance in any personal or large projects, think about sending me a message through the Contact section.